Monday, January 19, 2009

The COMPLETE Threadless OSC Member List!

Last Edited: 2010-May-20

"Don't look at me, I'm just the narrator" - Swintproof (AKA OG Slo Ho).

"Noses: Ripe for the Picking" - stevethegrrrrrrrreat!

"I have every medical disorder...except hypochondria." - lincolnish.

"Some people are wise, some people are otherwise." - kaylaFOZB Bear. (wakka wakka!)

"Poetic drummers are into cymbalism."- BaconJesus.

"will chase ice cream trucks"- chelly.

"A life sentence is alot of writing"
"I believe in death after life"- The_Calamity_of_Humanity.

"being vague is almost as fun as doing this other thing"
"You can't hear me right now, i'm doing a soliloquy"- Torakamikaze.

"Hello. [return greeting to initiate conversation]"- Drpangloss03.

"Napkins: Where Annoying Poetry Lives."
"Babies are suspiciously adorable."
"Lying Is One of the Eight Deadly Sins."- snacktivity.

"non•sense [non-sens] - noun: 1. Trv qoxla jijy progsfd."
"Dead musicians decompose."- Mr. Wander.

"I used to skinny dip. Now I chunky dunk."- kinky juice.

"Vegan: Indian word for a lousy hunter."- YtFeLMi.

"Track: when it's perfectly normal to run around in circles"- dragana44.

"I have dreams where I'm being pinched"
"Window shoppers are buy-curious"- chemi hydro.

"Oh, you mean THAT elephant. Yeah, I mostly ignore him."- Polyester Jones.

"i'm not jealous. i'm just pissed that you have what I want."- negala.

"There's nothing in my pocket. I'm just happy to see you."- Tongue.

"Movies - Ruining the book since 1920" and
"Math jokes are equal to or greater than regular jokes"- ZombieToArt.

" Pain has a very distinct taste. To learn more, eat a bee." and
"995 words short of a picture." and...
"It was a dark and stormy night. The author got scared and left."- LarLar.

"Remember when stuff was interesting?"- lemonalle.

"question marks: killing your sentences with uncertainty" and
"barcodes: zebras in corporate disguise"- backtozero.

"Money does not grow on trees, it's just made out of it." StopPickingOnMe.

"Always forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them more." and
"Atheism, a non-prophet organization"- thebabe 2.

"Reach for the stars. Find a better cliche while you're up there."- alacyt.

"A surrealist yells "Theater!" at a crowded fire" and
"If you play with yourself, how do you know when you've won?"- skafiend007.

"Nouns Do Verbs"- sectionbb.

"I use big words in substitution for semantically equivalent words" and
"1. Find genie lamp 2. Wish for more genie lamps 3. Profit"- MadIron.

"Wood Chuck VS Fuzzy Wuzzy...Which Rhyme Will Annoy Us More?" -TheDaneTrain.

"Jumping off a cliff is only a bad idea if you want to live."
and (besides the "Haiku" slogan which has already won)
"Shadow puppets are not gang signs"- martiandrivein.

"Don't try this on TV."- Uneyed.

"This shirt hides my cold, robot interior."- evade.

"Spanish: It's like they have a different word for everything."- EZ SKANKIN.

"I would say Bless You when you sneeze but i am an Atheist. Jerk."- bidtoyougoodnite.

"I heart attacks"
"Death, it's what ends life."- The Sam, a siamese twin conjoined with his brother The I Am.

"FREE TIBET!* *When you purchase Mongolia at the regular price." and
"If you can read this, I lost my tie. (written vertically)"- Aristarchus.

"Sarcasm - When Complaining Just Isn't Enough"- kidaro.

"Isn't catching tigers by the toe kind of dangerous for kids?"- The Crackers.

"A warning to mathematicians: don't drink and derive" and
"I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals; I just hate plants"- ButtercupPez.

"Vietnamese 101: Phuc Dat"- MeLa_de_Gypsie.

"Does the sun get cold at night?"- badger0191.

"Time Traveling Since 2029"- d3monicferret.

"Tarzan was a swinger."- canadianbeaver.

"I'll just sit here quietly until my t-shirt slogan breaks the ice" and
"You say tomato, I say Lycopersicon esculentum."- juliejeremiah.

"Danger is my maiden name."- schleb.

"Ask me about my fear of questions"- Fermata, whose name ryhmes with Rigotta, Ramada and Akira Kurosawa.

"Inertia Makes My Head Spin"- rt3.

"100% of people polled said they would take a poll"- little g.

"Beethoven was a bad listener."- El_Dictador_Cubano.

"If you want to date me, the odds are good but the goods are odd." and
"S.A.D - Dyslexics against smoking"- TimScribble.

"I think circles are pointless." and
"Never play a game of leapfrog with a unicorn."- AWorldApart.

"If I told you I liked your wallet would you give it to me?"- stillme

"Clowns Are Colorful Because They're Poisonous."- J_Ray

"I'm a noun!"- sharlajay

"kill me slowly by rejecting all my ideas" and
"i have nothing insulting to say about your mother"- edpricetx.

"Too much pi leads to a large circumference" and
"Prison walls aren't built to scale"- jl_london.

"Honk if you love geeses"- maloo.

"In a perfect world, we would all have ray guns."- Meat_Helmut.

"Never trust anyone whose socks match."- SemantiTheft.

"The man standing next to you is gay"- fire_boy.

"No sense being pessimistic. It wouldn't work anyway."- PoPoJiJo.

"I fight alcohol with depression"- Jewstice.

"Pirates - in it for the booty"- NGee.

"I'm sure everyone thinks I'm paranoid"- Bramish.

"Paris Hilton is a Motel."-,.

"Disney Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations About Love"- victimofopportunity.

"as the son of a clown, you have big shoes to fill."- hxcassandra.

"Homeschooled prom crasher"- koolest_chicken_91.

"I feel all warm & fuzzy inside. Like I swallowed a kitten."- ladykat.

"The Letter Y: Vowel Trapped in a Consenants Body?"- iPear.

"Constructive Criticism Breaks Me Down"- goldensara.

"Teach a man to fish and he will put you out of business in a year"- MooseDinner.

"I'm Big In Azeroth"- checkel.

"Jesus dies in the bible? OMG SPOILERS!"- didyouevergetafeelingofdread.

"Math problems are like riddles that aren't funny." and
"Today's Word: IT'S ON THE BACK and AWESOME! (on back) anticlimatic"
"Periods always get the last word."- Rekabat.

"Winner by Default!"- Heavenly_Devil.

"Fight fire with WATER, not fire!"- Wharbone.

"Why doesn't the ozone layer fight back?"- some_username.

"To clarify: we are not on a date right now."- jenraskopf.

"And then everyone just started kicking me."- Seastarr.

"I dislocated my shoulder trying to reach for the stars."- claude_mercure.

"If these walls could talk... I'd have 4 friends" and
"Dead people: Tomorrow's petroleum"- croox.

"Let's make eye contact."- IronTomato.

"I play ALL the instruments in my air band."- MichaelAVK.

"Once upon a time, I wrote short stories. The end."- icebar.

"LOL is the best medicine."- Daniel_San.

"Whatever happened in Vegas, everyone is tired of hearing about it" and
"Epilepsy: Shaken, not stirred"- mistermagoodo.

"No useful idea or concept can be explained in a sentence."- Lobster5.

"I think my cat is just using me."- DrVSP.

"anything you say can be used against you in my memoirs"- roundredhead.

"G movies are underrated"- ISABOA.

"make like magellan and circumnavigate my globes"- blasthemusic.

"I'll stop procrastinating ... tomorrow !"- bhoomika.

"9/10 Music Fans Agree: Bad Music Is Good."- jimography.

"Never judge a book by its cover. The spine is more efficient."- Glorifiedg."

"Help! I've been taken out of context."- joolya.

"carpe cliche"- pushthebuttonmax.

"Time Heals All Wounds... Well Not the Fatal Ones."- TheDesertLlama.

"Crazy like a fox. A crazy fox."- karm.

"Formerly Naked."- derrrek.

"I don't know how to be clever without being crude"- The_Ending.

"Rome wasn't built in a day, it just looks like it was."- PacificLight.

"veni, vidi, vader - I came, I saw, I am your father"- bigcog.

"Pronoun: A noun that has lost its amatuer status."- ninja_bassist.

"What's worse, ignorance or apathy? Who knows, who cares."- Lhiiiz.

"I believe in science!"- reccaphoenix.

"Incoherency is just nvmckajd."- onefourthdumb.

"Could you repeat that in Braille?"- ValerieChapstick.

"Trees are just roots that were given the wrong directions"- future_pepsi_star.

"My sixth sense is humor."- crazysteven.

"I am a ventriloquist. My shirt is not actually saying this."- Simpletinrobot.

"Sorry, what was the part after "Listen very carefully"? "- randommarble.

"I intend to live forever - so far, so good."- tabithakristen.

"Violence is like cheap anger management"- blossompossum.

"Kiss me, I'm a cliche"- iDanSimpson.

"I'm too introverted to wear shirts with slogans"- Randychico.

"Gone Chopin. Be Bach in a Minuet."- awshucks.

"Organisms: a word often mispronounced by third graders"- miss_scarlet.

"Music is life accordion to us"- myy_stars_shine.

"This tee is a passive membrane."- Anaxtasian.

"Whats (internet sign for love), but a secondhand emoticon?brownstar.

"DON'T LOOK! is never an effective sign."- andrea_janine.

"My other shirt is a straitjacket."- hanzabean.

"My alphabet soup has poor syntax"- Maltzmania.

"Immortality has significantly increased my lifespan"- Button_Masher.

"(printed upside down) If you can read this, cut me down."- romaman1.

"Somewhere between waking and sleeping."- KickO.

"Rock is dead and paper killed it."- SnakeMan.

"Every day I don't get eaten by a shark is a good day."- kellmucious.

"You are one step closer to being hypnotized"- unknownuser.

"Plastic Makes Perfect"- Starfish_Reverie.

"Excuse Me, But Does This Shirt Smell Like Chloroform?"- mfgeorge.

"Some people say nothing rhymes with orange. It doesn't."- Jack31081.

"So many recipes, so few cats." kisskisskill.

"The American Work Ethic... Devouring souls 1 person at a time."- pyr4lis.

"Cleverness is next to Godliness"- TheTick.

"I spend excessive ammounts of energy only to seem normal."- gabiii.

"People and bananas,when one gets old you can make delicious bread"- Rambunkcious.

"Always be the bigger man. You'll win more fist fights that way."- jesse.d.

"I'll be honest, I'm not much of a lover OR a fighter"- 88Ivories.

"That would have to be a pretty big Yellow Submarine."- TheRogueCrustacean.

"Q: How do you confuse an idiot? A: Purple."- TomAnthony.

"Will somebody please tag me, I'M FROZEN!"- vinnylo.

"I'll show you idle threats in a minute."- jkata332.

"In heaven all the interesting people are missing."- Nova_Zero.

"Read Between the Sleeves."- restlessthoughts.

"Poe's poetry wasn't poepular in his time."- Pizazz.

"The early worm deserves the bird."- Midnight.

"IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: please save me."- JamieMelani.

"Shadows: nature's way of saying "we're watching you"."- JackMartin.

"World tourettes champion, nineteen eighty-vagina"- Jonasan.

"If i were more clever, you'd be laughing right now."- pman555.

"Optimists and Pessimists Agree: We Need a Refill"- Bio_bot_9000.

'Ceci n'est pas une Halfpipe"- Gerbens.

"Trees: The real cause of forest fires."- Geoff.

"Actually, this town has ample space for both of us."- 5napple.

"Winter: the nudist's worst nightmare"- FlyingPasta.

"These rice cakes could be stale.... or asbestos."- wish_ga.

"Don't let the unicorns steal my kidneys"- boysbeambitious.

"The Future. Now with more Bleak."- Gnome_Garten.

"(back) Look Here (front) Kindly punch that person following me"- heerthefood.

"TV doesn't judge me. It just places me into a demographic."- Papaprime.

"I'm uncomfortable with bananas having to strip for me."- spinnerMC.

"What comes after postmodern?"- polynothing.

"It came to me in a dream, and was taken from me in another dream"- againstbound.

"It's really not that fun to stay at the YMCA anymore"- sometimessane.

"If laughter is contagious, let's start an epidemic"- geekgirl06.

"Inequalities are a good way to express yourself."- alexjewell.

"your mind can achieve a lot when it's left unsupervised."- SWAGSTER.

"I'd offer you moral support, but I have questionable morals."- 4evrblowinBUBBLES.

"Owls ask too many questions."- vixyish.

"Great minds think alone."- ianrose.

"If Guns kill people, do Pens mispell words?"- Lishy_McLishums.

"You're just jealous of my 80's childhood."- DaniellesGarden.

"When life gives you lemons, squeeze them into the eyes of enemies."- Puma7.

"Mathematicians get sum!"- Wiffler.

"I'm Not Cliched, I'm Ironic"- V1ctorya.

"Art is for people who hate math."- Scootman.

"71% of my conversations with strangers start about clothing"- madruga.

"Nothing new under the Sun? Try the Moon."- Squirrel_Boy.

"My other shirt is a porshe"- LacyT-Shirt.

"My favorite animal is steak"- airatic.

"Cloning: Solution to being Identically Challenged"- tsc0809.

"Profanity, the linguistic crutch of the inarticulate motherfuckah"- Eugene42.

"If a cow laughed, would milk come out it's nose?"- courtney_pie.

"DEMOCRACY: Getting by just fine without you since 1776"- DragonStar.

"Dinosaur in training."- zarafa.

"The road less traveled by is littered with lost poets."- jaywalkergraphics.

"pandas and zebras always dream in color."- rondar.

"I only download because I love being a Pirate"- eyerz.

"Poetry is for people who can't draw"- SIGNFREAK.

"why only kiss the irish?"- Er_iii_KAZAM.

"I'm not on a pedestal, just a mountain of people I'm better than."- lefthandpunk.

"If anyone's thirsty I'm like 70% Water."- OwlAtHome.

"(Front) See ya on the flipside! (Back) Hey what's up?"- ClapYourHandsSayYeah.

"I Wish O.C.D. Was A Palindrome."- jojomanzo.

"My super power is selective hearing!"- ivejustquitsmoking.

"I'm allergic to tequila. It makes me naked."- aglow.

"the wise have never had their teeth pulled"- orangehead.

"Angst is a chameleon on a checkered table cloth."- quister.

"If it weren't for music montages, time would stand still."- jayrawz.

"Sleepwalker by day. Insomnaic by night."- anj1995.

"I do not fear death, but the hooded guy with the scythe scares me"- bean12.

"Ready, Set, (Photosynthesize) (in UV ink)"- krokun.

"This shirt has not been, and will never be any funnier than this."- ferfo.

"marketing ninja"- ashotoflife.

"I'm just here until I get my time machine fixed"- rossmat8.

"When I grow up, I'll probably want to be a kid again."- wheresmycookie.

"Innuendo is fun, but don't go shoving it down my throat"- fatheed.

"A good fantasy is always better than harsh reality."- bcrider.

"Sliced bread: the best thing since regular bread."- Ophello.

"I Want To Be An Architect And Build A Better Career For Myself."- jess4002.

"I Survived Titanic. All 3 Hours."- davidfromdallas.

"The Moon: Pulling All-Nighters Since the Beginning of Time"- lunchboxbrain.

"Video games; destroying our thought process"- HorsefaceDee.

"4 out of 5 statisticians agree: we need a larger sample."- thammaknot.

"I'll never sell out! Unless, of course, I get paid to do so."- AlexMacDuff.

"(in glow ink) This shirt has nightvision"- Mosquito88.

"Blimps are real life speech bubbles!"- numbsock.

"Forget Science, I'm donating my body to Magic."- Retroludo.

"He who laughs last, probably didn't get the joke."- twoonebee.

"I pee in public (restrooms)"- rbthatcher.

"Most of my activities consist of verbs."- paniccia.

"Kids shouldn't be named anything that doesn't pass spell-check."- Jeiji.

"My other shirt is a suit of armor."- magichellride.

"I high-five ambidextrously"- Krimson.

"Beggars can't be choosers, unless they have a knife."- danaych.

"I Have Narcoleps...ZZZ."- friggena.

"This shirt was handmade by machines."- misakaji.

"How's my walking? Don't dial anything, just tell me."- colorfool.

"Happy endings only occur in fairy tales and full body massages"- toopersent.

"Friends Are Just Enemies That Haven't Yet Found My Evil Lair"- Hiresdes.

"Why worry about being stung by Bees when A's are so much pointier"- ofthecoast.

"The Pinky Swear: When a binding legal contract just won't do."- Rhodescholar.

"Aging: It's Life's Gentle Way Of Saying, "Die."- bryn_rhys.

"one man's art is another man's macaroni salad"- chancery.

"What goes around, gets dizzy."- bygrinstow.

"Mummification is a dying art"- brentendo.

"You don't own me. The credit card companies own me."- dbrv11.

"<---- I'm pretty sure this person is actually a werewolf."- KITTY_BOOM.

"The Super Bowl: Teaching Americans Roman Numerals since 1967"- Patar.

"i enjoy awkward situations"- sarah_bryant.

"my legs support me"- jrs0390.

"How can I not be eco-friendly...I'm biodegradable."- Nice_s_t_e_e.

"of light. This shirt is moving faster than the speed"- Say_Maybe.

"Running with scissors helps you cut through crowds"- supertrooper74.

"(upside down) My anti-gravity boots are fully functional."- debauched.

"Paper cuts- when trees strike back- greenttentacle.

"1999: so much hype; so little apocalypse"- murky78.

"[upside down text] You look ridiculous reading this."- SuperRyan.

"I'm looking to upgrade my jamboree to a hootenanny."- squintygirl.

"I ran out of sick days so I called in dead."- Noh_Body.

"If ignorance is bliss, amnesia must be fantastic"- babajoe99.

"A flying, half-naked baby just shot me with an arrow. You're cute"- McCormick.

"Preparing to charge: Charging(uv ink) / Charged(glow ink)"- Steelplate.

"The world needs more awesome"- BlueLobster.

"I sit in my car and count how many people ask me if I'm leaving."- LuckyKitten.

"Paint a picture: it'll take longer."- EricaTheRed.

" "Good artists copy. Great artists steal." - Me"- spacesick_2.

"I'd follow my dreams, but my GPS can't locate them"- kashlen.

"I Like To Think Outside The Quadrilateral Parallelogram."- PuppetMeat.

"Temptation. The only thing I can't resist."- kardinal.

"If you're OCD and you know it wash your hands."- Shandela.

"I was with stupid, but they left me for someone smarter."- JefAndLaurenRockHarderThanMost.

"It takes two to Tango but an entire drunken room to Conga"- sakepok.

"Clowns: The carpool professionals."- pochettejuliano.

"Neanderthals never pick paper or scissors."- Sparky_the_Wonderboy.

"Repeat after me: I am not a copycat."- pyko.

"Reality TV: The Place Where All Good Things Go to Die."- moijejoue.

"If I die can someone delete the porn folder from my PC"- poloq.

"The Dictionary- Keeping words in their place"- Dr_MonA.

"The metric system makes it hard to go the extra mile"- Caleb11.

"I like sneaking up on ninjas. It shows 'em it's a two-way street."- Exner83.

"When I blow out my candles, I wish for cake. It always works.."- hellolindsay.

the road to sophistication is paved with monocles."- flip175.

"The sky is the limit. That's right, outer space doesn't exist."- lex65.

"3._4 someone ate a piece of my pi!"- gerbechno.

"(on back) You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours."- .onion.

"Don't judge a book by it's movie poster."- robot_activist.

"Pain, I can handle it until it hurts."- goliath72.

"Be Different. Unexpect The Expected."- staffell.

"Blood is thicker than water. Allow my fangs to demonstrate."- AlexioGibbons.

"Nah, I'm popular. My entourage just called in sick today."- ayearinreview.

"people in the future are talking about us right now.."- FlyYesLandNo.

"This is my Handkerchief whenever no one is looking."- iCoty.

"Silly cowboys, they make towns big enough for two people now."- Im_the_Tommy.

"I really want to high-five your face."- iluvtees.

"All work and no play makes Jack excellent management material."- Dr_Darby.

"trust me, you might get cancer reading this."- thinkle.

"Newton's apple never realised the gravity of its fall."- wordelicious.

"I compensate by driving a tiny car."- Ed_Schimmel

"I break dance. I fix it too."- ryangoestoschool.

"Hey, whatever maintains the buoyancy of your aquatic vessel..."- BenMayhem.

"In hindsight, I used to be better at retrospective."- ucfelix.

"Anger Management- it's all the rage these days"- MuteJoe.

"Practice Makes Perfect. Cheating Makes Rich."- aminozawawi.

"If you laughed last, you probably didn't get the joke."- T_Lou

"Staring Competition in 3-2-1, Go!"- luckybeitia.

"(A safe place to hide a secret is inside a parenthesis)"- evan3.

"Life is a with way too many clowns"- TTUraider.

"This may be the most you read all day."- AdderXYU.

"My palindromes don't make sense, esnes ekam t'nod semordnilap ym."- mike_bautista.

"Newton described Force, but Darth Vader first applied it"- Stevica.

"On a scale of tomato to Jupiter, this shirt makes no sense."- johntiki.

"If our DNA was off by 1% we´d be dolphins."- Halforange.

"Bikes are like horses you don't have to feed."- gtoast99.

"Telekinesis: The final stage of laziness"- KartuneHustla.

"I travel back in time using Ctrl+Z"- mgill52

"The kitchen sink often feels left out."- adorablepancreas.

"I'd be so much healthier if I had only one sweet tooth."- HaloGirl.

"If you're going to panic, panic constructively."- Dulcinea27.

"I’ve read the whole internet and it wasn’t that good."- roobz.

"awesome is a lifestyle choice"- Bonnie76.

"Revenge: A Dish Best Served Ironically."- ManicMax.

"I think; therefore I get a headache."- nootnoot.

"Loners rule! Who's with me? Anybody?"- nathanwpyle at

"Seaweed. Number one cause of dropouts in schools of fish"- Brightwood.

"If you say green beans slowly it sounds like gullible."- northerlywind.

"FREE HUG! (in small print) if you buy me lunch."- Erik3002.

"I'd love to help but my hands are in my pockets"- brakes.

"So far I think I'm winning the human race."- smartkat.

"I couldn't find a picture of Che Guevara."- fallinghorse.

"6 out of 7 dwarves aren't Happy."- Gingivitism.

"4 out of 5 of the voices in my head think you're delusional."- JBWell.

"I make my own luck. I tape extra leaves to my clovers."- jshepp.

"Please wear the safety vest while I'm brainstorming."- clearcut.

"Daydreaming is an excellent way to continue last night's dream."- Tikimasters.

"I'm from the future and trust me, everyone's wearing this."- kwabford.

"Food chain: I'm hungry and you are smaller than me."- nenmusicas.

"If it's a game show and it's not Japanese, then it's pointless."- blitzspeed.

"If I knew which foot was my best, I would put it forward."- esile.

"I can fly but I still prefer to stay in bed."- PatrickRees.

"Conserve Energy, Do Less."- Anaraen.

"What Goes Around Is Usually Contagious And Treated With Vaccines."- ShawnLogan.

"onomatopoeia is nothing like it sounds"- Kim456.

"Piñatas and Piggybanks are planning their revenge"- Alex1412.

"I found this shirt on the web...but im not a spider."- nessa_havok.

WARNING: If I am walking in slo-mo, beware explosions behind me.- Byohazyrd.

"I opened my mind...then the zombies ate it..."- MakeItY0urs.

"sliding doors make me feel like Moses"- riverforever.

"The orthodontist: Brace yourself"- ROFLshirtguy.

"I'm much better looking in person"- robroy05.

"People tell me I talk to much, then I explain how they are wrong."- monkeyslug.

"If You'd Just Shut Up, I'd Be A Much Better Listener."- yassasaurus.

"I've loved reverse psychology ever since I started hating it."- frostedlemoncoward.

"I know one or zero things about binary."- hotmeteor.

"Actions speak louder than words, until I use CAPS LOCK"- The_Conartist.

""- justjjack.

"A picture that says a thousand words would be an annoying picture"- lifeis2112.

"Newspapers are so last century."- DekuTrash.

"Orville Redenbacher: The OTHER King of Pop"- thestray.

"Sarcasm. Don't you just love it?"- Nutrius.

"My blood is rich in irony."- jthrasher.

"Hate is a strong word...but not if we all gang up on it."- drummerisme.

"Somewhere over the rainbow... there's the stratosphere."- The68thDimension.

"I feel smart when I find typos in books."- aquaduck.

"I don't believe in astrology, just like every other scorpio."- Chengui.

"A little bird told me I'm hallucinating."- monrow20.

"No one looks good in yellow. (on a yellow shirt)"- mizuchaud.

"With time everything is possible, except time travel."- Shim K.

"Never let ambition get in the way of a nap."- scao.

"It's sad that I have Bi-polar disorder. Now it's GREAT!"- Snaggletoofer.

"Clean as a whistle is decidedly less than sterile."- abdlkarim.

"I'm that indie movie character kind of way."- ho1111y.

"If you think I look good, you should see my avatar."- Neuroplastcicty.

"Daylight saving is ahead of it's time!"- heavywater.

"Wordplay: Now 53% safer without the "S" at the front."- sidepull.

"let's mix metaphors"- jimfallope.

"The imaginary enemy of my imaginary enemy is my imaginary friend"- pio1976.

"Mistakes make us interestign."- Irusiq.

"If at first you don't succeed, don't tell anybody you tried."- INERTIATE.

"if you can read this you're in hugging range."- saylore.

"I have an infectious laugh. You may want to get tested."- voodazz.

"I Fantasize About A World Without Hopeless Dreamers."- Algi.

"The voices in my head keep me sane"'- just_shut_up.

"It's hard to seize the day when you work nights."- MoogieOBrien.

"Acupuncture does not work on butterflies"- donlope01.

"I Prefer To Think Of Zombies As "Living-Challenged.""- ebreakx.

"Adding o's to the end of words is the extent of my Spanish skills"- jeffreyg.

"Its not called begging, its called determination"- Bluberry72.

"I set my laser printer to stun."- supervillan5.

"The sky's the limit, unless you have a rocket."- psykomakia.

"vampires like giraffes"- cjgammon.

"I CUDDLE HARDCORE"- CaptainLorax.

"Cheese. Milk's first step toward immortality."- killertoothbrush.

"Every Time The World Doesn't End, I Have To Find a New Cult."- Spam69.

"Turtles make great pets, but taking them out for a walk is drag"- soloyo.

"Cheese. Milk's first step toward immortality."- killertoothbrush.

"Every Time The World Doesn't End, I Have To Find a New Cult."- Spam69.

"Turtles make great pets, but taking them out for a walk is drag"- soloyo.

"I know you are but what am I. Seriously, I have amnesia."- kcoutu.

"Revenge is a dish best served w/o discussing the delivery method"- eoin3.

"Beware of geeks bearing gif.s"- Ffestra.

"I'm not wierd, just normally challenged."- FunnyMoney.

"Sci-fi is for people who want to be cool in multiple dimensions"- Stlphotogirl.

"Knowing is half the battle. I forget what the other half is."- robotwaste.

"(on back of shirt) I guess I forgot my backpack again!"- Fotologica.

"In monopoly, time is fake money"- YAISH2.

"Beyond the pale moon loom unforeseen spoons"- Mountain_Gnome.

"Dropped as a child, thrown as an adult."- Brando_Graphic_Art.

"Aim too low and you'll only shoot yourself in the foot"- Watdog72.

"Hyperbole: the most awesomest thing in the entire universe."- charity_ryan.

"If i'm rubber and you're glue, we both have a problem"- minxorjinx.

"Due to inflation the price of the average balloon has increased."- Rcomment2.

"Ego narro mortuus lingua. (I speak dead languages.)"- orngeturtl.

"One day I'll say something people will quote" - Me- Diffaract.

"It takes two to tango, but only one to break dance!"- helldozer.

"It's hip to be rhombus"- TheOnlyJayCee.

"Plenty of beholders have ugly eyes"- Ethan722.

"When faced with an explosion, just walk away. In slow motion." - GyleDesigns.

"Amnesia is no laughing matter, though I can't remember why."- blackmug.

"Any Relation To Persons Living Or Dead Is Purely Ancestral"- Zebra Trip.

"Naked Baking: The New Bungee Jumping"- Julie Ocean.

"People say I'm naive but I don't know what they're talking about."- laurastead.

"Werewolves would be horrible astronauts."- mitchellp.

"*insert coins*"- bornd.

"Elevators: Roller-Coasters for boring people"- SeaBoundRhino.

"who, who, who, who let the owl out?"- pjbrick7.

"My inner child was eaten by my inner shark"- foggysheep.

"Laser-Tag: All the Future Kids are playing it!"- Einsteinic Rocket.

"Yo sun! You are looking rather hot today!"- Robinetti.

"Try it, you'll like it! (results may vary)"- keen aesthetic.

"vampires are for killing not dating"- tiggyvg.

"im not the sharpest crayon, but i'm clearly the most colorful"- craftyjacket.

"Science: Because one day tiny robots will live in your bloodstream"- Congolia_Breckenridge.

"Rhinos: nature's fat grey unicorns."- maiabh.

"too pretty to die"- codexii.

"Pampered cows produce spoiled milk."- sigur ros.

"Reiterating takes twice as long."- atypical69.

"I admire the fashion risks you took today."- YoPedro.

"The internet stole my thinky-bits."- cranapple.

"When I Raise My Arms this Magically Becomes a Y-Shirt"- Disgruntled Pacifist.

"Blonde jokes started with Goldilocks."- bdique.

"The Road To Success Has Many Tempting Parking Places!"- addu.

"I cut the legs off my bed so the monsters can't get me."- Ma Bell.

"Hacking computers since 0011."- Red Rafael.

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for some cookies."- Boycey.

"official slow-clap starter for defining moments"- arkanghel.

And The Slogan Train Keeps On A-Rollin...


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